Cast Away Reversable Flash Planer Board Set (2 Boards)

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This is an old favorite of mine. The mirrored finish creates a flash in the water and serves as an attractant to curious stripers. The list price is for a set of my Flash Boards which is 2 boards and a heavy duty ziplock bag to store your boards in.

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This is the last set of planer boards you’ll ever need. These are made of sturdy stainless steel with adjustable Scotty Mini clamps and extra large pigtails. Over the years I’ve talked with other striper fishermen about what they want in a planer board. I believe I’ve created a great durable, functional and affordable board for striper fishermen. There are 2 reversible planer boards per set. Most planer boards plow through the water causing large wakes. Cast Away Planer Boards skim the waters surface with minimal water disruption and can plane to a 90 degree angle. My planer boards are great for downline or weighted trolling and are highly visible above the surface. I’m even going to throw in a heavy duty ziplock bag so you can breakdown and store your boards.

2 reviews for Cast Away Reversable Flash Planer Board Set (2 Boards)

  1. Firstbite.

    Great product and Awesome owner.
    Can’t go wrong with Cast Away boards.
    Capt Rob

  2. Jim Farmer (verified owner)

    Thank you for the kind words Capt. Rob!

  3. Kevin (verified owner)

    Best Boards on the market. Jim makes a quality product. Will pull anything from small herring to mongo gizzards.

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