The Emerald Popper

Cast Away Bait & Tackle

lure your next catch…

Out of the shadows

A combination of popping, splashing and waking this bait will surely bring out the predatory instincts of bass and stripers. When they explode from the shadows, hold on!

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Step 1

01. Get Their Attention

A combination of popping, splashing and waking make topwater plugs a favorite for bass anglers. What this popper features is what makes it a game changer!

Step 2

02. Close The Deal

The Emerald Popper introduces Eagle Claw treble hooks dressed with a holographic streamer. This helps to stabilize the bait and add extra flash. The splashing action, translucent color, sounds, and ripple lines – make this popper irresistible to any bass or striper in its wake.

Custom Fishing Tackle

Cast Away Bait & Tackle

make it pop

Made in The U.S.A.


Designed for clear water impoundments – The Emerald Popper is just one of many custom designs in my arsenal. Cast Away Bait and Tackle is a full time – fully licensed tackle shop. Our tackle is designed and constructed just off the shores of beautiful North Georgia’s Lake Lanier.

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The Emerald Popper

Cast Away Bait & Tackle

Pop The Top

This Spring!

Waking up before the fish and other fisherman has its benefits.

There are not many things better than a spring morning topwater bite on the Emerald Popper!

Here is a video of the popper in action last spring.

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The Emerald Popper

Pop The Top this Spring

Topwater Dominance. Made in the U.S.A.

Get Their Attention

Effective combination of popping, splashing and waking ability.

Hook Up

Dependable Eagle Claw nickel plated 375 treble hooks.

Holographic Streamer

Creates ripple lines that fish cannot resist.

Custom Color Design

The translucent color this popper features is a must on clear water impoundments.

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“One of the best surface lures we’ve ever used on Lake Lanier” – Jim Farmer

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