The Emerald Popper

Cast Away Bait & Tackle

lure your next catch…

Out of the shadows

A combination of popping, splashing and waking this bait will surely bring out the predatory instincts of bass and stripers. When they explode from the shadows, hold on!

See it in action!
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Cast Away Bait & Tackle

jim farmer

Welcome To Cast Away Bait & Tackle!

My name is Jim Farmer and I’ve been an avid fisherman all of my life. For the past 35 years, traveling, building tackle and catching fish have been my biggest interests. My tackle designs are drawn from a database of knowledge as a result of years of building, testing, success and failure. Whether it’s bass, stripers, walleye or crappie; I’m sure there’s something we can help you with!

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Custom Fishing Tackle

Cast Away Bait & Tackle

make it pop

Made in The U.S.A.


Designed for clear water impoundments – The Emerald Popper is just one of many custom designs in my arsenal. Cast Away Bait and Tackle is a full time – fully licensed tackle shop. Our tackle is designed and constructed just off the shores of beautiful North Georgia’s Lake Lanier.

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The "Go-To" Crankbait

Cast Away Bait & Tackle

Let’s Get Crank’n

If you like cranking the rocks and catching bass, look no further!

This is by far my favorite and most reliable bait. The unique bill shape provides a little less wobble and the bass on Lanier just love it.

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The "Go-To" Crankbait

Prepare For The Adrenaline

Zero Compromises. Hand Crafted. Made in the U.S.A.

Get hooked up!

(2) #4 Eagle Claw 375 treble hooks and 30lb stainless split rings.


Durable construction will allow “all-day” cranking.

Unique Bill Shape

Provides a little less wobble.

Custom Color Design

The Sand Key pattern is designed specifically for clear water impoundments.

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