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Welcome to Cast Away Bait and Tackle LLC

"Where Dreams are just a Cast Away"

Thanks for visiting Cast Away Bait and Tackle! Cast Away Bait and Tackle is a Full Time Fully Licensed Custom Tackle Shop where my jigs are designed and tied by myself just off the shores of beautiful North Georgia's Lake Lanier. My name is Jim Farmer and I've been an avid fisherman all of my life. For the past 35 years, traveling, building tackle and catching fish has been my biggest interest. My tackle designs are drawn from a database of knowledge from a result of years of building, testing, success and failure. Whether it's bass, stripers, walleye or crappie, I'm sure there's something here on the website to help you catch fish.

All of my lead head jigs are air brush powder coated and baked for a nice smooth finish at the time the order is placed. The jigs are dipped and finished in a protective clear coating before shipping. My bass lures are airbrushed in original Cast Away designs and clear coated with a rock hard resin clear coat. My plastics are all made from a local fishing plastics company called Bait Junkys. My striper plastics are all made from heavy duty saltwater plastic and my bass plastics are made from a mixture of soft and medium plastic at the time the order is placed so you get the freshest plastics possible. My striper jig hooks are all Saltwater Eagle Claw or Mustad extra tough nickel plated. They don't get any tougher than Cast Away Tackle. All of my shipping is USPS Priority Shipping so you get your tackle as quickly as possible.

You can choose from a "Category" on the left or scroll down this page for some of my highlights and seasonal favorites. You can also take a look at my YouTube page with over 200 videos of Cast Away tackle in action. There is also a Cast Away Blog that can assist in learning more about fishing with a few fishing stories that may help shorten learning curve. You can find the links below. Feel free to browse around my online store and let me know if there is something I can make for you. I do a lot of custom work as well as custom colors to fit the anglers specific needs. We are proud to be a "Made in the USA" small business. Enjoy the website!


From the Cast Away Blog:

For my seasonal fishing reports and successful tackle info: *Click Here*

For a few stories of my personal fishing adventures: *Click Here*

For my big Cast Away fish and tackle photo album: *Click Here*

For my personal album and favorite military pics and videos: *Click Here*


What's new at Cast Away Baits......

The New Green Tomato Worm!

Over the past few weeks we've been hammering the bass on my new "Green Tomato" treat tail worm. We've been testing the color for a while and it's really turned into a great option for these winter bass. Our strategy has been hitting main creek points and working the worm very very slow from 10 feet down to 25 feet. Both Carolina or Texas rigged worms have done the best for us over the past few weeks. Right now is a great time to hit the bass with these worms as we've been doing very well and expect the pattern to continue for the next few weeks.

To find them in our store
Click Here.

Here's some recent pictures and videos of some of our bass on the Green Tomato, including a nice 4.4 pound and a fat 5 pound chunk video.

jims jims3 IMAG0495 IMAG0494 IMAG0490 IMAG0491 20141130143259 (2) 20141130161911 (4) IMAG0492 20141130143259 (2) (1)

Cast Away Planer Boards On Sale!

DSC02482 DSC02491

Guys, it's just about that time when the big stripers start eating the baits behind planer boards. This is one of my favorite times to pull planer boards with big blueback herring, trout and shad as bait. Cast Away planer boards are made with a mirrored finish to create an attractive flash in the water, all heavy duty stainless and brass parts and are very visible above the water. I designed the boards for the maximum planing power no matter how big or small the bait and they are reversable. You get a 2 board set for a great price and there are 2 sizes to choose from. I've also included a heavy duty ziplock bag to store your boards. To find the boards in our store Click Here.

Here's a good video of a monster striper caught in the early afternoon on a winter day on Lake Lanier while fishing a feeder creek. I caught him pulling planer boards with a rainbow trout as bait.

Here's a video about Cast Away planer boards and how to use them.

Here's a video from my good friend Doug Nelms and "Big Fish Heads" Guide Service. Doug made a trip up to the Cumberland River with some Cast Away Planer Boards in search of big stripers. I'd say they found them! To find out more about Doug, Lake Oconee and "Big Fish Heads" Guide Service Click Here.

The New Cast Away "Emerald Popper"

We've had a great summer and fall using my new Emerald Popper. It's the perfect bait for our clear southern blueback lakes when the fish are feeding on the surface. If you're fishing our southern lakes, this lure is a must for your tackle box. The translucent color keeps the bass coming back. They don't quit chasing the bait until it's too late. For a quick link to the Emerald Popper and my new "Surface Gliders" *Click Here*.


Here's a picture of a nice magnum spotted bass I caught with the surface popper on a fall morning. It's one of my biggest from 2014 and the biggest spot we've caught on the Emerald Popper.


A few more from the early fall on the surface popper.

IMAG0458 IMAG0453 IMAG0425 IMAG0429 IMAG0432 IMAG0435

This is a good video to show how I like to work the bait back to the boat.

Some great numbers on the Emerald Popper

Here's some pics of our summer bass on the Emerald Popper:

IMAG0381 IMAG0382 IMAG0375 IMAG0377 IMAG0379 IMAG0368 IMAG0370 IMAG0372 IMAG0373 IMAG0365 IMAG0367 IMAG0405

Even the largemouth like the Emerald Popper:


Lisa's biggest bass on the popper:

Cast Away Spinnerbait Fun

I decided to do a little pond fishing with spinnerbaits over the weekend. We've been working with a new spinnerbait for the past few months and it really did well over the weekend. I have a new personal best largemouth with the biggest fish in the pictures below weighing a little over 9 pounds. The new spinnerbait continues to produce while in the testing phase. Here's a few pictures from some recent fish with the bait and my new pr.

IMAG0413 IMAG0416 IMAG0419 IMAG0420 IMAG0421 merc8 mer3 mer4 Mercer spin 20140716181202(1) 20140716181518(1)

Cast Away Crankbaits

DSC02808 DSC02805

Here are 8 of my favorite 2 and a half inch crankbait patterns with your choice of a square bill or medium diving round bill. For a quick link to the crankbaits *Click Here*.

Our First Tackle Display!

Just down the road from Cast Away Cove is a little bait and tackle shop, on the corner of Buford Dam Road and Lanier Beach South Road. They have a little bit of everything for the angler, and now they have a little more. We loaded up their wall with a few of our local favorites for bass and stripers. Each bait has a story and most have a few videos from some successful fishing trips using the bait. If you're local to lake Lanier and want to check out a few of my hand made favorites, stop by the new Bait and Tackle Store on Buford Dam Rd.

Guys, if you would like to see a Cast Away tackle display in your local tackle shop, tell them to give me a call. I can build a display to fit your tackle stores needs.


Here's a picture of the tackle on display. (Click on the photo for a high resolution image)

DSC02754 - Copy

From Our 2014 Striper Trolling Season

We loaded up the big striper boat in search of some Stripers on leadcore this summer. It seems that every year around July the stripers on Lanier show up big time for leadcore trolling with big swimbaits. Here's some videos and pictures of some of our trolling trips so far for 2014. Recently I was invited to speak to one of our local striper clubs about trolling artificials. The first video is a 40 minute presentation on trolling tactics with leadcore.

20140628105025(1) Callie

20140628091450(1) 20140628092722(1) 20140628105025(1) jigs2(1)

Ever have one of those days?

Last weekend Lisa and I were able to get out for a few hours and do a little striper and bass fishing. We caught a few small stripers trolling leadcore and got bored after an hour or so. We decided to troll crankbaits for a while and the crankbait bite was working well. I caught a very nice bass shortly after putting out a couple deep diving cranks. We were trolling some rip rap and Lisa caught a nice big trout and while I was removing the hooks from the trout I wound up with a treble hook buried in my thumb. Chalk up a big victory for the fish!....He was delicious! We had the camera rolling while Lisa was bringing in the trout so we decided to video the hook removal process with Lisa's cell phone.

*****WARNING*****The second video is a little graphic*****WARNING*****

Catch my Fishing Forecast and Tackle Recommendations in the latest edition of Angler Magazine

You can now read my monthly fishing forcast and tackle recommendations in the latest edition of Angler Magazine. Look for "The Southern Tackle Box" column in the "Local Lakes and Forecast" section of our local Angler Magazine or check it out on line by Clicking Here.

Sink your hooks into "Lanier's Predictable Summertime Stripers" with Cast Away Baits in the Georgia Outdoor News Magazine

Early last summer my son Derek and his family came home to visit while he was on leave from the Army. He had just returned from his 3rd combat tour in Iraq and wanted to do a little fishing while on leave. While Derek was here we hosted freelance writer and photographer Don Baldwin from Georgia Outdoor News (GON) for a morning of trolling using Cast Away tackle and Cast Away trolling tactics. Our goal was to introduce more folks to fishing Lake Lanier during the summer months and trolling with artificials. It's a great way to target deep water stripers in the summer months and another tactic to add to your arsenal of striper fishing. You can read the article at Georgia Outdoor News Trolling Article. I'd like to thank Georgia Outdoor News and Don Baldwin for making it all happen. It was one of the most memorable fishing trips Derek and I have been on. Here's a couple of pictures from our trip.

Rain fish

Derek and Jim

Recommended Area Guides

Lake Lanier Guides

Lake Lanier Striper Charters

Jeff Blair, owner of Lake Lanier Striper Charters on Lake Lanier, has been using my tackle for a few years now. Jeff and I have competed against each other in several tournaments and Jeff and his crew are very worthy opponents. Jeff knows the lake, works very hard, doesn't disappoint and has fished Lanier his whole life. Give Jeff a shout at: 678-542-4176 and tell him Jim sent you!

Here's a video with myself, Robert Edison from First Bite Guide Service, Doug Nelms and Dustin Pate with Jeff Blair aboard Lake Lanier Striper Charters with some red hot summer striper action. Enjoy!

Lake Hartwell Guides

Capt. Bill's Fishing Adventures

A few years back, Captain Bill Plumley called me to chat about fishing and planer boards. I liked chatting with Bill and he wound up buying and using my planer boards. Captain Bill loves them and uses them with his charter service daily. Captain Bill ia a licenced USCG Captain and a certified guide on Lake Hartwell. I'd recommend Bill to all of my clients looking for a great guide. Give Bill a shout at: 864-287-2120 or 864-230-7363 and tell him Jim sent you!

Carters Lake Guides

Lake and Stream Guide Service

I've known Eric Crowley of Lake and Stream Guide service for quite some time now and I know that Eric works his butt off for his clients. His specialty is live bait on Carters Lake up in the north Georgia mountains. Eric uses Cast Away Planer Boards for his fishing up there and he knows his stuff. If you are looking for a great guide, give Eric a call at 706-669-4973 and tell him Jim sent you!

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