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Hello I’m Jim Farmer, welcome to Cast Away Bait & Tackle where dreams are “just a cast away”.  I hope you enjoy looking through my site as well as reading my blog and watching my many video’s.  My passion for fishing began as a kid growing up in rural Kansas fishing local farm ponds, lakes and rivers. My passion grew even more when I joined the U.S. Navy and traveled from northern reaches of Canada to the Sea of Cortez fishing every lake, stream, river and pond in my path.

After enjoying a 20 year Navy career I retired here in the north Georgia area and have called the shores of Lake Lanier my home for over 20 years.  I’ve spent many years building and using my own tackle where my designs are drawn from years of knowledge with what works and certainly what doesn’t work!  Whether it’s Striper tackle, Bass tackle or personalized Instructional Services on Lake Lanier I’m here to help, just give me a call!

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Designed for clear water impoundments – The Emerald Popper is just one of many custom designs in my arsenal. Cast Away Bait and Tackle is a full time – fully licensed tackle shop. Our tackle is designed and constructed just off the shores of beautiful North Georgia’s Lake Lanier.

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Instructional Trips

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Cast Away Bait and Tackle is also a full time – fully licensed guide service. My trips are tailored for and held on the beautiful North Georgia clear water impoundment – Lake Lanier.

Are you looking to refine your angling skills? Such as – targeting deep summer bass with the drop shot, deep cranking and spybaiting as well as targeting deep water stripers on spoons and power reeling techniques?

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Get the latest fishing reports, tackle recommendations, fishing and military stories. Our blog is designed for fishermen to read, enjoy and hopefully learn a little something more about fishing.

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exclusive fishing footage


Early Morning Topwater Striper | 2:12 

I’ve been stepping up my topwater game and the stripers seem to be busting the surface more and more each day.

Afternoon Bass using the Chug Bug | 5:57

I’ve been stepping up my topwater game and the bass seem to be busting the surface more and more each day.

Big Afternoon Striper | 3:47

Pulling trout on the Cast Away Baits Planer Board. Striped Bass cannot resist a trout being dragged around in December.

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