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Cast Away Bait and Tackle is also a full time – fully licensed – veteran owned guide service. My trips are tailored for and held on the beautiful North Georgia clear water impoundment – Lake Lanier.

Are you looking to refine your angling skills, such as early spring crank-bait and jerk-bait techniques for staging bass?

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About Me

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jim farmer

Hello I’m Jim Farmer, welcome to Cast Away Bait & Tackle where dreams are “just a cast away”.  I hope you enjoy looking through my site as well as reading my blog and watching my many video’s.  My passion for fishing began as a kid growing up in rural Kansas fishing local farm ponds, lakes and rivers. My passion grew even more when I joined the U.S. Navy and traveled from northern reaches of Canada to the Sea of Cortez fishing every lake, stream, river and pond in my path. After enjoying a 20 year Navy career I retired here in the north Georgia area and have called the shores of Lake Lanier my home for over 20 years.  I’ve spent many years building and using my own tackle where my designs are drawn from years of knowledge with what works and certainly what doesn’t work!  Whether it’s Striper tackle, Bass tackle or personalized Instructional Services on Lake Lanier I’m here to help, just give me a call!

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My bass roots go back to the early years of my military career and being stationed out west where I was introduced to some of the finest bass lakes in the country. More recently, I am a former member of the Greater Atlanta Bass Club and I’m also in my second year of competition in the FLW Bulldog Series bass trail. I use a variety of tackle, most of which is my own designs but I also enjoy using major brand names and custom baits from other small tackle shops.

My instructional trips are tailored to single personalized services designed for the beginner as well as the weekend warrior to learn the basics and advanced strategies for fishing on Lake Lanier. Not only can we cover a range of bass tactics but there are seasonal opportunities to target our great striped bass population. We can tailor your experience to targeting one species or a combination of both bass and stripers.

I have over 20 years of striper and bass fishing experience on the lake and have also spent several years of traveling and fishing on the National Striped Bass Association (NSBA) and Striped Bass Conservation Coalition (SBCC) striped bass tournament trails throughout the south. I am a former member of 3 striper clubs on the lake and provide presentations on striper fishing tactics to striper club anglers throughout the south.

“I had an awesome topwater trip. Thanks Jim! If you want to catch bass or learn how to, book a trip with Jim today!”

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Individual Trip Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. Choose from one of our three packages and allow me to provide the best product and service that you deserve to make you a better angler.

4 Hour Trip


Learn the summer drop shot, deep cranking and spybaiting as well as targeting deep water stripers on spoons and power reeling techniques.

Early Spring: Crankbait and jerkbait trips for staging bass.

6 Hour Trip


Learn the summer drop shot, deep cranking and spybaiting as well as targeting deep water stripers on spoons and power reeling techniques.

Early Spring: Crankbait and jerkbait trips for staging bass.

Full Day Trip


This is one trip that we generally start in the early morning hours and cover some acreage as well as a full complement of techniques and information. We’ll cover topics like tackle selection, seasonal locations, fish patterns, electronics and a few of my personal favorite tactics for Lake Lanier.

Early Spring: Crankbait and jerkbait trips for staging bass.

about your trip

Here are some suggestions to better prepare you for your trip and make it much more enjoyable. First, get to know your guide (me – Jim Farmer) by browsing through the site and taking advantage of the information provided. It’s always much easier to get in the boat with someone you know something about rather than meeting a total stranger.

What are we fishing out of?

– Licensed and Insured.
– Late Model Tournament Bass Boat.

I am currently guiding out of a 2008 Ranger 40th Year Anniversary Edition Z20 Comanche.

Expect to have fun!

Everyone wants to catch that once in a lifetime trophy fish.  Unfortunately, I don’t catch them all the time.  So, just come enjoy yourself and appreciate everything you put in the boat. Your trip is geared solely around you learning new tactics, having a fun and a successful experience.

Expect to be catered to, sit back, relax, and enjoy the fishing. See next section for additional recommendations on what you will need with you on your trip.

Recommended items for your trip.

– Georgia fishing license.
– A hat and polarized sunglasses.
– A sunscreen with an SPF of 30. (Best put on prior to arriving at lake)
– A camera or phone. – Rain gear. (ponchos suck!)
– Snacks that are easy to carry and easy to consume
– Ice and water are provided, but if you would like to bring something else there is plenty of room in the cooler.
– SORRY, NO BEER PLEASE. Charter Captains Insurance does not allow Alcohol during the trip.

Tackle & Equipment

I provide all the gear you need for catching fish. However, if you would like to bring your own gear, give me a call ahead of time and I’ll give you my recommendations for rod length, line type/strength, etc.

There is no sense in bringing a lot of your own gear since I will have what you need for that day, and I’d like to keep the boat as clutter free as possible. But again, you’re more than welcome to bring your own stuff, especially if you fish left handed, since most of my gear is for right handed people.

When do we start?

There aren’t specific launch times like with tour boat operations. Morning launches are based on sunrise those will vary throughout the year. Day and afternoon launches are based on best fishing activity and whether or not I have a morning trip. For all trips, detailed launch time is given the evening before your trip.

Where should I stay?

If you are planning a vacation to the area or just simply coming to fish, chances are you will have already taken care of your lodging arrangements.  If not, I can suggest or assist you in making reservations.


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